I’M RUNNING A RAFFLE-Giveaway of an Illustration set and a Jack Frost FIGURE!!

Hi!! I’m making this RAFFLE even more spicy!!

I’m putting some samples of figurines I made! WHY?

Because the figurine WILL be whatever you want … Yes!! WHATEVER YOU WANT!! in the maximun size and weigh of Derek & Stiles’ samples (because of the international shipping costs)

DEREK & Stiles samples (status: in progress, fixing a lot of things)








Hi, I’m Slashpalooza and this is my honest current SITUATION:

A few years ago I’d lost my job and for a while I was working as a freelance graphic designer, but to be honest it’s getting almost impossible to pay all the bills with this unstable job (and to be even more honest, my soul is about to dry out and die because the off-road and sportfishing designs I’ve been doing all these years) And how I get this desperate??  Well, I think life have a weird sense of humor because both my computer and pen-tablet are starting to reach their due date (you know that you have a problem when the pen do not work unless you hit it constantly against the tablet :S) and without those tools I think I’m going to be pretty much doomed…

So, since I am a hard worker and a dreamer and a creative person I am not going to give up!! That´s why I am working in a project that needs to start with this raffle-giveaway.


A JackFrost figure I’ve made myself with all natural material: is a paste called “cold porcelain” with durability and hardness. Painted with oil paint. /sizes with the cane(stick): width:5.31” , height: 4.2”/sizes without the cane: width:3.54”,  height: 4.2”

here is a video for a better appreciation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwFBHsKGhiw&feature=youtu.be



And an Illustration set of 5 images in illustration paper (that paper for watercolors  :D)

video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VilMgnp_PnM&feature=youtu.be


Technique: Ink and some acrylic details if it is needed.

About the Illustration set: I know that there are multi-fandoms out there so that’s why the five images will be choice of the winner.

By now, as you could see in the video and image, I have three illustrations: Johnlock, Sandman and Sterek. One choice could be pick any of those three and the ones left will be whatever you want or five brand new of your choice. How does it sound?

HOW CAN YOU PARTICIPATE in this raffle-giveaway??

It indeed has a cost of $2 USD.

The thing is that the raffle will be possible only if I reach at least 800 entries. Why? Because I’m going to SHIP it FREE for you!!

But I need to know FIRST if this is going to work  so BEFORE doing the raffle I need you to send me an e-mail that show that you are really interested in participate, then, If I get those 800 (or more) e-mails, I’m going to send you the instructions of the payment privately.

There will be only ONE winner!!!      BUT don’t worry if you are not the chosen one!! Your entry counts as a one month subscription for free and exclusive digital comics (one shots and serial, from fandom and original) and a raffle of a free-commission… and I want to make this monthly,  If you guys keep subscribing every month!

The entries will be numerated so the raffle will be run with the help of this site:  http://www.random.org/  I will upload the video of the process so you can see it was a completely random number.

Well, I really hope this work out because this project means a lot to me and want to make amazing things for you guys!!

This is my e-mail account: slashpalooza@hotmail.com - for your previous entry and questions.

Please reblog and spread the word!!